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15 September 2020
So long story short there is a 22 year old male who lives in Canada and has been brainwashing my 13 year old sister (they met on mine craft or something) he is obsessed with her and is provoking bad behaviour. I messaged him and gave some graphic instructions on how to rid himself from the world.
My question is can I get prosecuted/charged for that?

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
It's possibly an offence in the ballpark of "use carriage service to harrass".
Bear in mind though, that the tantrums from your little sister will be a more immediate day to day problem.
Just make sure she gets rid of the kiddie porn selfies before the 'rentals find them.


Well-Known Member
7 September 2017
Have you thought of going to the police about this? This bloke might be 52 and not 22 and he might be in Australia and not Canada. Your sister is only 13 and this grub might persist. She'll be smarter now and if she has taken his bait she may continue to stay in touch with him without you finding out and that could, at her age, lead to terrible consequences. The police would be interested in his particulars even if it was just to give them some leads with surveillance. Tim W gave you some good advice and he's a wise fellow, a lawyer, and what I'm telling you may not be the advice you asked for, but have a think about it. You can always give them the information anonymously.