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  1. A

    QLD Help with Inclusions for Parenting Plan and Family Court Orders?

    Hi Everyone, I have been following and reading a number of posts regarding parenting plans / parenting orders/ consent orders as we are very new to this and want to understand the process properly. My partner and his ex have just started the mediation process for developing a parenting plan...
  2. J

    SA Who Owns the Rights to Instagram Photos?

    If a hairdresser takes a photo of their work in the salon they are employed by, and posts it on their personal Instagram, who owns the photo? The salon requested they watermark the photo with the business name so they did.
  3. J

    VIC Trademark Based on a Copyrighted Work - Opinions?

    Could I get an opinion and comments from a lawyer with qualifications in intellectual property law, please? Some time ago, I registered a trademark in Australia. It is a “fancy” kind of trademark. (One famous example of a “fancy” kind of trademark is the Instagram logo.) The design of the...
  4. J

    NSW How to Defend Against an AVO?

    Hoping someone can assist. My son (33) ran into his ex-girlfriend (who he had hoped he would be able to get back together with) - they hung about together all day, she invited him back to her place. They kissed goodbye at 9pm with a brief kiss - he with the hope of rekindling the relationship...
  5. N

    NSW Can Boss Make Me Delete My Instagram Page?

    Hi, I have recently got a new job but I don't start for 4 weeks. Anyway, I'm a hairdresser and I have a hair Instagram page. I was just wondering, I post work that I do in the salon and was not made by my boss. She was okay with it. Now that I'm leaving, can she make me delete it? Or is it...
  6. V

    SA Fake Instagram Account for the Purpose of Slander - Harassment?

    If someone has set up a "fake" Instagram account and has posted screenshots of another person's Facebook page - which is public because of his business, with the purpose of identifying him and his business and slandering him, is this harassment, that is reportable? And is it possible to find out...
  7. V

    QLD Start Up Business - Designs under Intellectual Property Law?

    Hi, My friend and I have been trying to start a T-Shirt business. The business is registered in my friend's name and we have both designed some designs to get printed onto T-Shirts. We have an Instagram page in the business name and were going to advertise there. Now my friend wants to run the...
  8. S.F

    Trademark for Other Countries for my App?

    Hi, I have registered a business in Australia for an app I am developing. I am using that name on social media; facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. I didn't trademark the name and searches reveal it is trademarked in Australia and a similar name trademarked in the USA. All in a similar...
  9. 1

    QLD Ex Refusing to Remove Instagram Photos of Me

    What are the legalities and policies surround social media images? My partner and I recently ended things but she refused to take down any images of me off her Instagram. This includes, images of me in my underwear and images of the two of us kissing. I never wanted inapropriate images of me...
  10. Jaipriya Singh

    NSW Child's Photos on Facebook and Problems with Daughter's Boyfriend

    Hi, I am the father of a 12-year-old boy whom I am most concerned about. My 18-year-old daughter has a 19-year-old boyfriend who is known to the police for his graffiti, though he says he has stopped doing it, despite the fact that recently his Facebook profile photo was of graffiti. The BF...