WA Student Loans and Debt - Sue Parents for Negligence?

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6 October 2015
Ok, this is one out of left field that I could really use some help with!

Long story short I grew up in a narcissistic, psychologically abusive household and was coerced into getting a Student Financial Supplement Loan (shonky government loan deal) to supposedly "help cover the cost of going to tafe, books, uniform etc" for which never really happened and I think the money went into my parents' bank account. I am trying to find this out. And don't worry "you will never earn enough to have to pay it back" - seriously!

That was about 20 years ago now and the debt is around $20k.

What I would like to know is would it be worth suing my parent for negligence or would it be all too hard to prove I never benefited from the loan?

$20K may not seem like much but when you have to pay it back and received no benefit from it, makes me feel very used and abused.

Thanks for any help!


Hi Enlighten,

You may technically be able to make out a case for something along the lines of unconscionable conduct, but you would really have to have hard evidence to prove that your parents appropriated the money and did not use any of it to contribute to the costs of your education or schooling which may be difficult.
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