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In Australia, technical and further education or TAFE () institutions provide a wide range of predominantly vocational courses, mostly qualifying courses under the National Training System/Australian Qualifications Framework/Australian Quality Training Framework. Fields covered include business, finance, hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, visual arts, information technology and community work.
Individual TAFE institutions (usually with numerous campuses) are known as either colleges or institutes, depending on the state or territory. TAFE colleges are owned, operated and financed by the various state and territory governments. This is in contrast to the university sector, whose funding is predominantly the domain of the federal government and whose universities are predominantly owned by the state governments.

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  1. Sdrian98

    QLD Visa situation

    Hi Guys my name is [Redacted by Moderator - Personal Information]. I have recently graduated from my two year course in Heavy Diesel mechanics at Tafe Ashmore On the Gold Coast. Yesterday I have been offer a job position in a good company, however, they called me in morning and told me they...
  2. purplemarshmallow

    WA Evidence - Is It Worth Pursuing This r**e Case?

    I was raped by a friend a couple of years ago, whilst I was high (and he was not). There's no physical evidence, but I read that evidence of 'change' and impact on the victim could be used. I have messages between me and friends, and him, questioning whether it was r**e (with him saying things...
  3. T

    VIC Family Law - Can Mother Pull Out 20-Year-Old Son from TAFE?

    Hello My partner is 20 years old and is studying at Tafe and he loves it but on the other hand, his mother keeps forcing him to stop going but he wants to keep going now. She also keeps saying 'if you don't pull out, I'll pull out for you' and he gets really mad cause he loves it there. Under...
  4. L

    QLD Custody of Children - What Happens if Ex Leaves the Country?

    My ex is a foreign, non-English speaker and I was living in his country for some years. We had been planning on applying for his Australian permanent residency visa for a long time, talking about it and making sure it is what he/we wanted. I became pregnant and that became the catalyst. My ex...
  5. H

    VIC Can I Apply for 485 Visa?

    Hello everyone, I am on a package offer of Advanced Diploma leading to Bachelor of engineering. The advanced diploma is by TAFE, electrical and is 2 years full time. Can I apply for TR (subclass 485 visa) as I have completed this Advanced diploma but not the bachelor degree. The nominated skill...
  6. G

    Australian Law on Protection Counsellors for Reporting Child Abuse?

    I am a counsellor student at Caboolture TAFE and a question has been posed to me that I am struggling to answer. The scenario is this "A 15 year old client comes to me and advises that she is being sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend and has been subjected to this abuse since she was 8...
  7. Natasha Van-Eckeren

    Employer won't Pay Holiday Pay?

    I have worked at a bakery for 2 & half years. They have been promising me the Manager's position / pay for me to go to Tafe for 2 years now. I have recently left there (without giving two weeks) because I found out from a few work mates that the owner/boss was talking/bitching about me behind my...
  8. A

    Need a Copy of My Birth Certificate

    Hi. I really need help. I don't have a birth certificate. It's not like I lost it, its that I've never had one. My birth mum (who I haven't seen in 12 years) never signed it and when I ask her on Facebook she just won't reply or will say later, I have tried so many different ways and they all...
  9. T

    NSW Employment Termination Due to Personal Injury?

    Hello I currently work for the NSW Government. I am 1 year into a 2 year training program. I am no longer on probation and my employment status is that of an ongoing employee. After the first year of employment I suffered an injury which broke my left arm and left leg. During this time I was off...
  10. E

    NSW Fair Work Australia - Unfair Dismissal Appeal Lawyer Fees?

    I have been granted a hearing before the full bench of Fair Work Australia for an unfair dismissal case. To prove why I should be given a hearing that was dismissed without getting a hearing. Now they want all these stupid instructions done before the hearing that I don't understand. I cannot...