NSW Stopped in a taxi zone.

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Kristian, 13 December 2018.

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    Thanks for the help guys. Firstly can I ask is it legal for council Rangers to issue infringment notices based on photographing your vehicle? Parking tickets I can understand, speed cameras and police radars I can understand but this really feels like prying to raise revenue and council rangers don't have the same authority as police.

    Anyway I was caught at 6am a month ago "stopping in a taxi zone" dropping off a friend at the station. There was a passenger set down area next to the taxi zone but I didn't see any signs until I saw camera flashes in my rear view and knew what had happened. Unfortunately for me this led to a fine. It was only a difference of a metre or so but the review letter stated that the proof was in the photo.

    A week later the signs were replaced to be a lot more visible and to stop drivers like me doing the same thing but for me it was too late.

    Any thoughts? Go to court? I've already requested a review which came back with the news I didn't want to hear...
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    Unless you have photos when it occurred to show the signs were not visible, then I don't think you have a chance, if you elect to go to court, you may end up paying for court fees in addition to the fine, unless you have solid excuse and proof of it, it's unlikely it will be to your favor. I guess this is one of those times to suck it up and continue to live....
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