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VIC Single Dad with the Kids - Stop Paying Ex's House Bills?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by dean87, 4 October 2015.

  1. dean87

    dean87 Member

    4 October 2015
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    Hi, I left my wife 4 weeks ago and i\I took the kids with me. I'm living with my mum and I'm still paying all the bills at my house which my wife lives in. She doesn't want the kids but refuses to leave the house. I was wondering, under Family Law, if I can kick her out, turn all utilities off and what happens with the house after. I took the kids due to her neglecting them.
  2. AllForHer

    AllForHer Well-Known Member

    23 July 2014
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    There is nothing in legislation that governs this kind of thing because it's a domestic issue and the court tries to limit its intervention in such matters. Technically, you're at liberty to go and change the locks if you like. I probably wouldn't cease paying bills though, because it will affect your credit rating, not just hers.

    Your first step is to try and negotiate an appropriate property settlement between you.
  3. Rod

    Rod Well-Known Member

    27 May 2014
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    If you do not think there will be a reconciliation it is best to take the utilities out of your name, and start looking at doing a property settlement. You should advise your wife that you are going to do this.

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