VIC Sexual Assault - Discredited in Court?

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29 August 2018
Recently police filed an IVO order against an employer who was sexually inappropriate by asking me sexually explicit questions, becoming aroused when asking me derogatory questions on occasions and causing psychological harm. My former employer used to be my doctor and is aware of my psychological history (I'm sexual assault survivor).

He contested the order and was heard in front of the magistrate whom granted the interim order. He argued that I was having an affair and did all these horrible things behind my husband's back, and has also alleged I sent him all kind of information such as explicit photos of myself that he did not solicit/ want/condone.

He referred to emails that I never wrote, where it didn't even sound like something I would write, conversations that never happened. It was a diabolical and it was a similar demonstration of his manipulative behaviour outside of court that I was exposed to.

I had friends / family and my husband in the court room and rumours have began since this hearing and I have since left my marriage and my kids as it took a toll on us. I don't know if the rumours were started from his side or my side.

The other side didn't provide any copies of said evidence of affairs, the referenced sexual texts or the explicit photos (they don't exist because I never sent them) at the further directions hearing but still making threats via the prosecutor that they have information to discredit me and prosecution is now telling me I should drop the IVO as he can just talk his way out of it.

Is there a way to request this information, including the fabricated emails/texts and prove it doesn't exist? Because of these accusations, I've been discredited and I'd really like to expose the truth if possible or should I cut my losses, withdraw the IVO and move on to starting a new life?

Tony Danos

LawTap Verified
29 November 2016
I would have asked the Magistrate to order you be given copies at the Directions Hearing. Otherwise they will have to be shown to you at the contested Intervention Order hearing. It sounds like the police took out this order on his behalf.


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
If you have evidence of these rumours you can sue the person saying them for defamation.