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The Working With Children Check (WWCC) is an Australian background check requirement, assessing the criminal record of those working or volunteering in child-related work. The check is known as the WWCC (or WWC) in most states and territories. The equivalent check in Queensland is known as a "Blue Card." In the ACT, the equivalent check is known as the Working with Vulnerable People registration.In Australia, the Working With Children Check is legislated by each state and territory for the purpose of conducting background checks for people seeking to engage in child-related work. These checks aim to prevent people from working or volunteering with children if records indicate that they may pose an unacceptable level of risk to children. While the check is currently conducted on a state level, an Australian government royal commission has called for the transition to a nationwide check. At the same time, some researchers have questioned the effectiveness of a nationwide approach, citing advantages of the particular state scheme developments.

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  1. Era0407

    NSW WWCC Section 2 Offence

    Hello, My husband is going through the ultimate nightmare where there was an allegation made against him (not sexual but a domestic violence charge) and he was initially charged with a Section 2 offence which has cause a Bar on his WWCC. This offence is going to be downgraded and he is now most...
  2. J

    NSW Will Past Offence Show Up on National Police Check?

    Hello, I'm currently looking at pursuing a career that involves a national police check and a working with children check (NSW), and I am wondering if a discretion from my youth will show up. When I was 20, I was evicted from a sports ground by a police officer for giving a 17-year-old...
  3. WoodTiger

    NSW Accusation Appearing in Working with Children Check?

    I may be misunderstanding this but even if you are cleared of charges and free of AVO's (of a case sparked by malicious lies), the fact that you were accused will still come up on a Working With Children Check and Police Checks?
  4. danielle81

    NSW Working with children check

    Hi I want to apply for a juvenile justice job. Ive had my children removed by docs and dont know if that will show up when applying for a working with children check?
  5. H

    NSW Will Shoplifting Infringement Affect Working with Children Check and Records?

    I received a Criminal Infringment notice($300) for shoplifting. What does this mean for me? I'm studying to be a teacher and was wondering what this does for my career? Will it show up on my records and working with children checks?
  6. N

    NSW Testing Children for Soccer - Forms Needed?

    Hello Everyone, I am planning on starting a business where I will be testing soccer children on their skill levels. The testing will be done at clubs they currently play for. I know I will need a Working With Children Check and also a police check. I'm only quite unsure of any paperwork I...
  7. J

    NSW Failing to Inform Employee of Working With Children Check Requirements?

    A person applies for a job and is successful in gaining employment. After being employed, the employer then requires them to get a Working With Children Check and the employee fails to pass the check. If the employer failed to tell the employee through the hiring process that they would require...
  8. H

    VIC Australian Law on Dressing Up as Superhero in Public?

    Hi, New to the thread, but just have a question about dressing up as Batman in Victoria. I'm wondering what the Australian Law states in relation to this. If I have a working with children check and a national police check, would I be allowed to wear a Batman costume with a mask around...
  9. N

    NSW Concerned About Dismissed Sexual Assault Charges?

    Hi, I need to apply for a working with children check as a requirement to nursing and I am concerned about some charges I fought back in 1995 that were dismissed. These relate to a nursing procedure that the patient later stated they did not consent to, resulting in charges of sexual assault...
  10. Dianne Horvath

    VIC What to Do When Working with Children Check Has Expired?

    I have just been employed in a new role which requires a current working with children check. However, my working with children check has expired. Because I'm unable to reach them until the morning, I'm hoping someone here on this forum can help with the answer, as I am to start this role...