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    I have a property which I have been paying off for eight years. We moved back there after 3 years of renting.
    He has not contributed anything financial to this property yet I have looked after his children and paid the mortage, bills, shopping and living costs for all of us.

    I placed him on the title less than six months ago hoping it would be the start of 'our' future.

    He has gone downhill with use of drugs, mental, physical and financial abuse against me until I had just had enough as I was so exhausted and not the person I once was.
    I had to move out as I could not cope. I placed a VRO against him but before that was served he removed things from the house such as the security system, CCTV, tap fittings, toilet seats, my personal documents.
    Ten days after being served he placed a VRO against me (and I read his affidavit which was full of lies).
    So now neither of us is allowed at the address.

    Where do I stand with this? A judge is due to hear the case shortly but he will do anything he can to smear me and lies to get what he wants.

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