NSW Serving divorce papers overseas _ to Canada but not via Hague Central Authority

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16 June 2024
Hi, I have to serve sole divorce application documents overseas. I am Australian and the spouse is Canadian. She just lived in Australia for a short time and left more than four years ago.

Can I complete the service by hand via a process server (they are called Huissier de Justice or Justice Officers in Quebec)?

And in case she evades service, to request for substituted service to serve by email or social media account?

Would these be acceptable and feasible ways for family court in Australia (NSW)?

I’ve read some materials on service abroad and something called Hague convention through governments’ central authorities which is apparently a very long process and may take forever! I don’t really want to waste more years of my life waiting for it if that’s not the only choice.

Greatly appreciating any thoughts, guidance or experience about this.