Separation and Accounts - Ex Partner Issues?

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1 July 2014
Hi, so in Perth where do we stand when ex partner takes out 45 personal loan and transfers it to another bank account, a "child's" account. The money is borrowed against our house, so do I have to legally pay this loan if the partner has shifted it elsewhere. Also my car was written off in a car accident and the money whole amount has been transferred to this child's account.

How is it that the partner can have a car they purchased with my money and myself left with nothing. I have 1000 left in the account after 6 years of a 70000 a year all of which was managed by partner. Separated in September but separated accounts only a few days ago. How is it the partner can accuse me of not paying anything when there is nothing left of my income?


Well-Known Member
19 April 2014
Hi there,
Have you contacted your bank to see what they can do?