NSW Reg Claiming the Compensation for the Personal property from Strata or Landlord

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Santosh Kumar

28 February 2020
Hi ,

We have been renting in an apartment for last 2 years 3 months , Last Month when Sydney is flooded with heavy rain fall , our apartment building Parking Basement is filled with water to an extent all the parked cars and our personal belongings in the Storage cage got submerged and damaged. As we are not alerted by the monitoring systems all the damage is considered to be happend by the recklessness of the Strata/building Maintenance team.

Apartment features are highly advertised as Safe and Secure (with Access controlled )/Fitted with Elevators/ Underground Parking and all , all this services are broken down now and Strata doesn't have any clue by when they can resume them.

My intention of posting in this forum is to seek advise whether can we fight for seeking compensation for the damage done to the personal belonging and Cars that got write-off due to negligence of building maintenance and all also can we seek any reduction in rent for the weeks during which the facilities like Lift/Security/Parking are not available.

Would like to take this matter to Tribunal , but thought to seek advise in this forum before i can progress further.


Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
You'll need to go and see a solicitor. This situation is very complex and beyond the scope of a 'question and answer' forum like this one. Your first step will be determining whether the body corporate actually had a duty of care in respect to the stated issues.