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A landlord is the owner of a house, apartment, condominium, land, or real estate which is rented or leased to an individual or business, who is called a tenant (also a lessee or renter). When a juristic person is in this position, the term landlord is used. Other terms include lessor and owner. The term landlady may be used for female owners, and lessor may be used regardless of gender. The manager of a pub in the United Kingdom, strictly speaking a licensed victualler, is referred to as the landlord/lady.

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    NSW Mould in brand new rental property unit: who is responsible? Builder, landlord, or tenant?

    I have a brand new apartment unit that is currently tenanted. During this year’s winter (the first winter that the apartment has experienced), the tenants raised a complain to the property manager about moulds developing inside the unit. The property manager organised two separate inspections...
  2. K

    NSW NBN Co $300 fee - tenant or landlord responsible?

    Hi everyone, I recently moved to a brand new unit on 01/10/2020. When I tried to setup internet, I was told by the internet service provider that I need to pay a $300 "New Development Fee" apart from a one-off activation fee and monthly charges. They claim that this is for internet...
  3. U

    NSW Landlord identity proof

    Hi, I am talking to some agencies for finding a new property manager (switching from an existing one). The state is NSW. One boutique agency manager says that he requires landlord proof of identity. He said that this is a legal requirement. I do not recall being asked for providing an identity...
  4. L

    NSW Tree fell on my car. What insurance should cover it?

    Hi, I’ve been renting current house for 2 years and last month a huge gumtree in front yard fell on the house and my car. The car, a 2008 Toyota Prado, ended up with dents all over the bonnet (like large hail stones) and on one panel between the window and windscreen. Although I haven’t got my...
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    NSW Tenant request for rent reduction due to neighbour renovating

    Hi, I am the landlord of a semi that is currently rented. The lease is up for renewal in April. The neighbours with whom we share a common wall are renovating and adding a new storey to their property. They have DA approval but still no exact start date. We informed our tenants as soon as we...
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    VIC Haven't even moved in and it's already a disaster...

    I move in to my first rental property on Wednesday. I was really excited about this until I realise that the house im moving in to is currently on the market. I was not told about this in any way. The place has been on the market since mid last year, if it's important. Will this affect anything...
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    QLD Can I sublet to landlord?

    Hi, One of my landlords and I are very good friends and she has recently moved back to Australia. I'd love her to move into my house but the other landlord says if she does it would be classed as a sublet. Question: if a landlord occupies part of my home and doesn't contribute to the rent, is...