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WA Questions Regarding Family Court and Grandparents Rights

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by E. Bennet, 30 September 2015.

  1. E. Bennet

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    30 September 2015
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    I am in WA. My (I'm 41) relationship with my mother has broken down (please understand that this was not an easy decision). I personally visited with my mother 3 months ago and told her that I wanted no further contact with her and my brother and his family (I informed him separately). I also said that I recognized that she had a different and special relationship with my daughter (who is 13). I told her that she is welcome to call, text (on my mobile phone) and to still make arrangements to see her. They speak nearly every week on the phone. My mother writes a letter every few weeks to her and they have had day visits during the school holidays and once on a weekend during school term.

    My mother is quite a difficult personality. For example I was in a meeting last week and she wanted to speak to my daughter so she rang my phone 8 times in a row until I was forced to text her to stop. I have also been accused of blocking her on my email, which I didn't do... turns out it was a prob on her end with her computer connection. I have also received emails that say that I can choose which day she will take my daughter out (eg either the Saturday or the Sunday) but not actually asking for permission. She has informed another family member that she will "fight me through the courts if I try to stop her from seeing my daughter." She wants to take my daughter to see my brother and his wife which I do not want to happen.

    The bottom line is, that I want my daughter to have a relationship with her grandmother if at all possible... but I feel very bullied.

    My questions are:

    1. Do I have to let her see her whenever she wants because of her grandparents rights? My daughter is 13 and in a blended family so her time can be a bit limited. Do I have an option to say no without finding myself in family court? I have tried to find a balance between phone calls and in person meetings.

    2. Can I say that I don't want my Mother to take my daughter to see extended family members without my permission? DO I have some control as a parent over who she sees?

    3. Do I need to live with the threat of court action if I ever say no to my mother?

    Any advice would be appreciated .
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