QLD Protect Inheritance by Transferring to or Giving Wife Power of Attorney?

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Desy Challen

4 June 2015
Hi. I have been given $70k from my grandma's house, which she left to us (my inheritance). I am on a disability support pension and me and my wife need every cent of our money to pay for an operation and also to move to Australia. I'm in Australia and my wife is in Las Vegas.

I have family members trying to get my money that they say I owe them from over 20 years ago. I took out a loan when I was young and stupid and my parents went guarantors and they ended up paying some money. That was in 1998 and they are now saying they want me to pay them pack or they will sue me. They are worth millions and I'm worth thousands lol.

Can I sign my money over to my wife? Will this protect my money or do I need to make my wife power of attorney?

And I'm in Australia and my wife is in America at the moment. Can I sign everything over to her and how do I do this.

I get my money in a matter of days and I'm panicking as I don't know what to do. What is your advice? Thank you so much bless you!