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QLD How to Revoke Power of Attorney?

Discussion in 'Wills and Estate Planning Law Forum' started by mel abbotsford-smith, 24 November 2015.

  1. mel abbotsford-smith

    23 November 2015
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    I signed my Power of Attorney as I was sick and admitted to the hospital 2 years ago. I am well and living independently in a rented unit... However, my Power Of Attorney (finance) will not release me as he cites the past times when I was in debt.

    I add I never had anything repossessed, been evicted or made bankrupt.

    Kindly help. I am struggling to save the $150 /week I am allowed from my Disability Support Pension.

    Thank you
  2. Seeking help

    Seeking help Member

    29 October 2015
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    Hello, I'm not a lawyer, though when I needed to do the same for my dad's power of attorney, I was told to the person being 'you' would need to be assessed by the W.A government state tribunal and a written statement from close family member(s) who know of your circumstances past and present sent to both the attorney and to the state tribunal before your due appointment date explaining that you are cognitive and well recovered from when you did need an attorney to look after everything otherwise they will take you for all your worth an then some.

    Hope this helps

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