VIC Property Law - Son's Girlfriend Entitled to Sell His Car and Tools?

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Glenn Groves

Active Member
16 November 2015
My son is currently in prison on driving matters. He has been living at a property which he is the only person on the lease. He has had a girl living there with him in a relationship and she was still at the property.

Before he went to prison, he locked an unregistered car and about 2 or 3 thousand dollars worth of tools in his shed. He gave me the keys in front of this girl and said no one was to enter the shed except me. Now this girl has broken into the shed and sold the car and all his tools.

I have been to the police and they tell me she is entitled to do this because they were in a relationship. Could someone please give me some Property Law help on this?

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
Sounds like stealing to me.
And lazy cops.