NSW Son's Property in Storage Shed - How to Get it Back?

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4 August 2014
Hi, I really need help please. Already rang police but they won't help.my son and his girlfriend broke up, she stayed in WA I flew my son home. She got loans to pay off his fines, got a loan bought him a car($5000).. She kept the car along with $1700 he started paying her back for the car.

I made an agreement with her to pay back $3000 for the fines. They have a storage shed in yarrawonga Vic in her name with his drumkit and baby photos in that she says he cannot have until he pays her $6000 ..is there anything we can do to get his gear please under Property Law?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria

You can get a court order for the recovery of these items. She cannot hold possession of your son's property without his consent even if he owes her debts. If she wishes to do this, she must obtain a court order. Therefore, seek a court order to recover possession of such properties.
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