VIC Property Law - How to Claim/Get Rid of Friend's Motorbike?

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12 September 2015
Hi there, I have a motorbike in my possession that I've had for 3 years from an ex friend.. I've had no contact in about 2 and a half years from him... I want to know how either I can get rid of it legally or claim it for myself legally unde Property Law..


Hi Tarn,

Have you made contact with him asking him to take it away? What was the initial agreement between you regarding the storage of hte bike? What was contemplated as to how long it was to be there? I would start by giving him written notice that he must remove the bike from your property within 30 days from the date of the notice and if he fails to do so or come to some other arrangement with you, it will be deemed abandoned and disposed of. If he doesn't act on it, then you can probably apply to the court for an order to dispose of it.

Just before to retain a copy of the written notice and get some sort of evidence that he received that notice.

Check this out - of uncollected goods.pdf