NSW Drugs Charges, Criminal Record - How Much Time I Could Face?

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Paul finch

30 November 2014
I go in for sentencing tomorrow at court for 2 counts of drugs possession and supply methamphetamine 4 grams and only a 50 bag 2 weeks before that. 2 counts of larceny, 2 counts of break and enter, goods in custody and driving whilst disqualified 2 years of more I was also charged with skys law but it was dropped.

I have a lengthy criminal record already, but have never been charged with any of these offences in the past. I'm also on two good behaviour bond. This is my 7th breach in 4 years. I was wondering if I'm looking at time or if I could get away with a suspended sentence or section 10?

Any help please?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
It is extremely difficult to advise on sentencing because it really comes down tot he individual facts of your case, the facts of your past criminal offences, your courtroom demeanour, any other mitigating circumstances, the judge's belief in your prospects of rehabilitation, of re-offending or remorse for your actions, your suitability for other correctional options etc.

However, given your past offences, the fact that you're on two good behaviour bonds (both broken) and the serious nature of your offences, I would not be surprised if the judge gave you imprisonment.
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Michael T

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014