WA Police Impounding Our Car - What to Do?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Sara Lakmali, 12 November 2018.

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    12 November 2018
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    I am an expecting woman with my first and yesterday, I asked my husband to come home to pick me to doctor as I was very sick. He was afraid and drove in 110km/h in 60km/h rural area with no school zone. But Police officers caught him and came with the house and asked me to call the ambulance.

    They are impounding our car and it was towed for 28 days and asked to come to the police station 9th December. He also said we have to go to court and it will cancel my husband drivers licence. My husband has a clear driving history, never caught for police, don't use alcohol. He didn't do any crime.

    I am so anxious and now I couldn't go to my clinic or doctor appointments. I have a high risk pregnancy and high blood pressure. When I told this to police officer he said I have to call the ambulance. I have no private insurance to call the ambulance every time I am sick. Feel he was very inhuman.

    I have no idea to what to do feel very stressed. Please reply to me what steps I have to take to release our car.

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