QLD Car impoundment

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24 April 2020
My car was impounded by my girlfriend at the time ,we have since broken up and cant get any answers.
I have found the original paperwork which was hidden from me when cleaning up and never received any paperwork from the police. She was the only one that told me and always maintained her lawyer was handling it.
It was impounded under "a forth or subsequent type 2 vehicle related offence under section 74E within the revelant period. Also says that vehicle will become property of the state if found guilty"
The initiating impoundment offence : unlicensed driver -repeat offender
At the time when a lent her my car she told me she had a licence and i lent it to her so she could drive to work. When vehicle was impounded she was no where near her place of work.
I want to have my car returned to me as it still under finance and bought the car before I met her and now i am without a car and is solely in my name. What needs to be done to get my car back?