Please Help - Children and Separation?

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30 May 2014
My ex of 12 years and I have separated for almost 3 years now. He forced me to sign final court orders under duress in 2011. I didn't have any legal advice etc. at that point. I now see my 3 children 2 weekends of a month and some school holidays. I pushed through with legal aid and a family report was ordered. We attended in April this year and I was devastated to find that the family report came back in my ex's favour??? I believe the report was bias? I have no time with my children during school days etc. My ex works 12 hour shifts and currently employs German au pairs to care for our children. There is an au pair with our children more than a parent! Legal aid will not fund me for trial? And I want to keep fighting? Although I cannot afford to. What are my chances if I try to go to trial? Or should I take the awful hand I have been dealt :( ??? Please help? Or if you have an ideas of what I could do? I'm at my wits end? My rights as a mother have been removed.


Well-Known Member
19 April 2014
Hi Shannon,
So Legal Aid advised you during the family report, but not during proceedings?
Which State are you located in? (perhaps you could try a Womens' Legal Service or community legal centre in your area.)