VIC Perjury to obtain an interim Intervention order to destroy property.

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19 June 2018
Whilst caring for my father full time I have been residing at his address. I broke up with my ex, pulled over he was arrested with 2 loaded firearms + machete 11 mins after sending several threats via text. Whilst remanded his sister changed the locks on my house, removed my property. Police state it's misunderstanding refusing me an intervention order. Me ex is released, less than a month later breaks into my house, applies and granted an order preventing me accessing my property + belongings. I own property, he withheld this information, the judge states this several times, he states I had moved out, I had moved to my fathers. He then destroys ALL my belongings, photos thrown out. Police now refuse to take a report about my belongings. Please help me this is not right. Thank you