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Testosterone isocaproate (BAN; TiCa), sold under the brand names Sustanon 100, Sustanon 250, and Omnadren 250, is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication and a testosterone ester which has been used as a component of mixed testosterone ester preparations.

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    WA Lodging a Caveat on a Property?

    Hi, I have a tenant who was ordered by court order to pay monies due to defaulting on a tenancy and he has not done so. He has moved back into his own property, however this is now on the market. I wish to lodge a caveat on his property so that I get my money (it's a super fund scenario that...
  2. C

    QLD Husband Placed on TICA - What to Do?

    Hi, My husband had signed a lease contract but became bankrupt. He never missed a payment and always paid water and electricity. Before exiting the house, he had informed the property manager about the upcoming bankruptcy and that he had found another tenant that was happy to take over the...
  3. M

    NSW Debt Collectors Claiming Suspicious Bill - What to Do?

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right spot. About 7 months ago, my partner got a call from a debt collector about 2 energy bills. One bill, he said, belonged to him yet they won't take the money for it and the other bill belongs to his brother. He gave the company his brother's number and they...
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    QLD Listed on TICA by Real Estate Agents - Legal Under Property Law?

    Last year I received a letter from the real estate agent saying if I don't reply to an email within 7 days then I will be placed on a Blacklist. I responded the next day and received a reply with a Payment Agreement for outstanding Rent, etc., which I paid off. It's been a year and I find...