NSW Debt Collectors Claiming Suspicious Bill - What to Do?

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25 July 2016
Not sure if I'm posting in the right spot.

About 7 months ago, my partner got a call from a debt collector about 2 energy bills. One bill, he said, belonged to him yet they won't take the money for it and the other bill belongs to his brother. He gave the company his brother's number and they said they would call him. Two months later, they call up again claiming that they have no record of my partner giving them his brother's details. We ignored them for awhile and went to talk to a financial counsellor who also told the debt collectors it was my partner's brother's bill.

They said they would leave him alone and chase his brother instead. Couple days after, we get another call from them. We ask for the recordings of all the phone calls to be sent to us so we can hear that it was my partner who set up the account. They said they don't have the recordings and we have to ask Origin Energy.

We call Origin Energy only to find out they have no records or information on the account just that it was set up in my partner's name. The property in question was a rental and my brother-in-law has his name on TICA for the said address and the real estate have all the files that say he lived there and paid rent for there. The kicker the other bill they're chasing him for is the house next door.

So what do we do now? It's a 400$ bill.

Victoria S

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9 April 2014
If they can't provide sufficient evidence to convince you that you owe them the debt, then they won't be able to convince a court either. I would be requesting or demanding that if they want the debt paid they provide full particulars and evidence and copies of accounts, etc., to support their claim.