NSW Non-Contact Car - Motorbike Accident - Who is at Fault?

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4 August 2015

My husband was in a non-contact car motorbike accident. My husband (in a car) was entering a round about with a car coming in the opposite direction going straight giving him right away to go, after entering the round about he saw a light flicker come out of nowhere, in the corner of his eye so he accelerated to get out of the round about, the motorbike ended up on its side though there was no contact between the them.

My husband stopped his car on the side of the road to make sure the guy was ok. He was fine, his bike had some damages and the guy said he was ok to get home as it was near the incident. They had exchanged details.

Who is at fault here?


Hi MrsPolley,

I'm not sure I understand exactly what occurred here. Was it simply a case of your husband not seeing a motorbike that was coming on his right when he entered the round about and the motorcycle took evasive action but ended up coming off his bike?

If your husband pulled out in front of the motorbike on the round about, then it is likely his fault.