SA No Contact Car Accident - Consequences?

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26 May 2015
Back in late March, I was approaching a roundabout and as I went to go through I saw a motor bike on my right already on the roundabout. I braked and came to a stop and he braked, locked his front wheel and dropped his bike. There was no contact. I admitted no guilt but we exchanged details/ took photos etc. I spoke to my car insurance company and they thought there was no issue as there was no contact but then I got a letter from the Police advising that I had failed to report the accident.

I went in the following day and was told the matter would be referred to the local traffic branch but have heard nothing further from the other guy, his car insurance company or the police.

Is this a non-event car accident and I can move on, or can I expect something to come of this at some point?



LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Best to move on, though you should make notes about the event so that you can refer back to them if something does happen. Once you have made and stored your notes put the event to one side and enjoy life. :)