VIC Non accessible p&o booking error

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12 July 2017
I booked a cruise for myself and a friend to travel on the new P&O cruise ship out of Sydney. There was a lot of emails sent back and forth as my travelling companion is confined to a wheelchair and we needed to make sure that the ship would be suitable for a wheelchair user.
Long story short P&o advised than a wheelchair cabin was available and we booked it. We did ask for information about the cabin, bed configuration, door widths etc. Other than 2 vague photos and assurances from p&o that it would be suitable we never received exact details or diagrams as requested.
So. We fly from Melbourne to Sydney to board the cruise. When we eventually get onboard we notice that the cabin was completely unsuitable for my friend and was not as described in the correspondence from p&o. We immediately went to reception who were saddened to hear of our plight and tried to assist but unfortunately there were no other accessible cabins available. We knew we could not safely use the room so it was agreed with ourselves and p&o that we would disembark.
Once off the ship a rep from guest services called and was very apologetic saying he would sort something out and hopefully get us onto a different ship that we had travelled on previously. This ship was due to leave Sydney in 2 days. He said he couldn't organise anything then and there as it was late in the day and he would have to see if he'd be able to free up an accessible cabin on the new cruise. He said he would have an answer by the next afternoon.
We said we'd stay in Sydney and wait for his call. By this time it was 6pm. It was cold and dark and due to my friends illness the rep suggested that he would arrange a flight back to Melbourne that night and call us the next day.
We flew back to Melbourne arriving after midnight. Very cold, exhausted and disappointed.
The next day at 3pm we called the rep vback as we had heard nothing. He apologised and said he was having difficulty ascertaining who he could move from an accessible cabin as he was unsure who had been assigned these cabins. Apparently sometimes cruise lines will assign accessible cabins to regular folk if it's close to sail date.
As it was already 3pm we assumed that we weren't going to make it onto that particular cruise. The rep again apologised and said to leave it with him.
Next morning just after 9am the rep called back. Totally different attitude. Telling us 'thank you for pointing out our shortfalls and errors with regard to your unsuccessful cruise booking. We can see that our cruises would be unsuitable for your needs. As a gesture of goodwill we are willing to refund the cost of your cruise and packages you purchased. We will be deducting the cost of your return flight from your refund amount.'
What happened to booking us on another cruise?
At this point he ended the call.
We didn't want to fly back to Melbourne! He booked the flight.
Had we known that there was not going to be another cruise we could have enjoyed some time in NSW and then flown home on our original pre booked, pre paid flight.
So. We are now out of pocket the cost of return airfares we purchased to fly to our non existent cruise and now have to pay for a flight back to Melbourne (last minute booking with Qantas. Big $$) that we didn't request??

What to do next??
Look forward to hearing your thoughts.