VIC P&O Cruise Cancelled Booking After Payment and Confirmation?

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12 September 2016
P&O Cruise cancelled our cruise 2 weeks after it was booked and paid in full. I have not been contacted by P&O or my travel agent. I found out when I signed into my P&O booking.

I am aware the the fare I booked was an error and substantially below the correct price. When I made the booking, I paid in full and received a confirmation email from both P&O and my travel agent. I was also able to sign into my booking on P&O's website where it was further confirmed.

As of Sunday, I am no longer able to sign in and I get a message to say the booking is cancelled. I have not yet contacted my agent or P&O and would like some help with Australian Consumer Law with regards to advertised errors, particularly after full payment is accepted and confirmations are received.

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
The first place I would look is in the terms and conditions of the booking that you have made. Does their own booking policy allow them to cancel for no reason - or for incorrect pricing?

Generally though, if there is nothing in the terms and conditions, once payment is made - the vendor cannot then retract the transaction.