QLD Accommodation booking cancellation due to Covid19

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28 June 2020
Hi everyone,

My family from NZ booked accommodation for 7 days in GC hinterlands at a mansion which cost us $13800 (+$2000 bond on arrival) for October all up for 35 people (only 6 of us live in Australia- 2 in Sydney and 4 in Brisbane). This was a family holiday to commerate the passing of our dear cousin 2 years ago. We signed a contract with the owner to make part payments (which we have paid in full by December 2019). A paragraph stated that if we cancel we cannot get a refund. We are absolutely devasted. Due to covid19 our family trip that we started planning last year is cancelled because of border closures. NZ family cant even fly into australia. The world is being cancelled atm so clearly cancelling isnt our idea or something we want. Lucky we were able to get refunds on our flights but now we'll be losing $13800 because the owner said he won't give us a refund/part refund or even change dates for next year because we signed the contract.

My question- is there anything we can do legally to get a refund or anything, something? All we want is for him to be fair and realize these circumstances are out of our control.

Sorry about my novel. TIA