QLD New Form 12 - Issued for All Car Transactions?

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4 August 2015

The following refers to the new Form 12 (effective Dec '14) which needs to be issued before a contract is signed:

Cooling-off period for selling a car | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government

This link describes what the new Form 12 replaces:

New forms for property agents, motor dealers, auctioneers and debt collectors | Your rights, crime and the law | Queensland Government

This is the actual form:

Question is... does this new Form 12 need to be issued for all car transactions? In the form itself, effective December 2014, it states:

"dealer must complete and give this form to the buyer immediately BEFORE completing a contract for sale of a vehicle"

That is, doesn't specifically refer to new or used/demo cars. Question is whether this form only applies to used vehicles or not.



Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Jan3,

My understanding from the wording is that a 'motor dealer' needs to complete this form 'before completing a contract of sale for a vehicle'. Therefore I think it implies any vehicle being sold by a motor dealer requires this form.

If you wish to confirm further, on the form it suggests getting in contact with the Office of Fair Trading (13 74 68).