Neighbours Dogs Killed My Cat and Attacked Me - Compensation?

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Anne king

7 July 2014
Been attacked by neighbour's 3 dogs in my home after chasing my cat inside and killing the cat in front of me. Taken to hospital by police for medical attention for punctured bite marks to legs and arms stitches required. Dogs have been put down by council ranger. Am I able to sue owners for pain and suffering? If I win the case, would owners by made to pay for personal injury compensation? Also stop the owners breeding more of this type of dogs for sale?

PI Special

Well-Known Member
24 June 2014
Yes you have a case for damages- you need to see a P.I. lawyer to issue proceedings.Happy to advise further if you need more info

Owens Lawyers

Well-Known Member
13 June 2014
Anne, under the Companion Animals Act an owner of a dog that causes injury or damage to property, or injures or kills another animal, is liable for damages.
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