animal attacks

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  1. S

    QLD Animal Attacks - Take Legal Action Under Australian Law?

    Hi, my family and I just moved into a residential home in north QLD. Upon moving in, we noticed the neighbour's dog frequently entering our yard despite scaring it off. We had not seen it for a couple of days and made a duck pen up with 5 ducklings. Well, today I found them mangled in their...
  2. J

    SA Personal Injury - Being Sued for Animal Attacks - What to Do?

    My 80-year-old father took my dog for a walk without my permission whilst I was at work. During the walk, my dog broke free and was involved in a brief dog fight with two other dogs. The owner of the pets received injuries to his thumb, wrist and ankle. Now I am being sued for$42,000. What...
  3. ToberTobias

    QLD Dog Fight - Who Is Liable For Animal Attacks?

    I will first descibe everything I can about the situation (essentially: one animal attacks another). We had just washed my dog (A boxer/mastif cross) in our back garden and so he was off leash as to not get his collar rusty and such. Unaware that the neibours dogs (Staffodshire Terriors) were...
  4. A

    NSW Dangerous Dog In Newcastle City Council - Animal Attacks Legal Position?

    hello I live in the Newcastle city council region of NSW. Recently there was an incident involving my staff and the neighbour maltese like dog. Unfortunately the other dog passed. Prior to the incident after some time for it to sink in , in the interest of conflict resolution one dog was...
  5. L

    QLD Neighbours Dog Killed my Dog - Animal Attacks Help?

    Exactly 20 weeks ago today, my neighbour was putting her wheelie bin out. She left her gate open, and her dog rushed out and attacked my chihuahua. It had it in its mouth broke his back and refused to let go. My eldest son had to pry her dog's mouth open so we could get my dog. I took him to...