VIC Need Help with Multiple Criminal Charges

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26 October 2014
Hi, I was an interstate truck driver and at the beginning of the year was pulled over. At the time a car sped past me, then in front of the police highway patrol car nearly having a head on with a car coming the other way. I asked why they didn't do anything about that and was told "it's you we are after". I was then breath tested, and drug tested, to which they claim I failed the drug test but did not show me proof of the failed result. Then stated they would be searching my truck and asked if there was anything in the truck.

I told them what was there and where to find it. After retrieving items he proceeded to pull everything out of drawers and cupboards, flipping the mattress and pulling bedding apart, he even ripped padding on back wall off which I couldn't reattach. When asked if that was needed, he said "you never know with you guys". I was then taken back to the station and 2nd drug test done, after statements etc. were done I was released and was told not to drive for 12 hours. I asked if they could take me back to my truck which was 10kms away and was told no I had to make my own way back to my truck, which I had to walk on a busy highway to do so.

I had meth in my system and was in possession of meth and and a pipe, I also had cannabis, and some cannabis oil, which was not in my system but when asked why I had it I told them I was taking it to give to a friend who was going through chemo for cancer and heard it helps. The weights or amount they state I had are way higher than I know was there. My only other charge I ever had was driving while suspended back in 2001.

Is it possible for me to get a section 10, or a suspended sentence, or diversion, or is there any way not to get conviction or at least keep my drivers licence? Truck driving is all I am capable of doing, and to lose my licence would affect me and my family greatly. I have since given up drugs. And am now doing local work at great financial loss, but in an effort to change my ways was the best way to do so and as I am a New Zealand citizen would a conviction and criminal record affect me being able to stay here?