NSW Major fault - poor car repairs

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8 April 2021
I had a brake hose replaced (along with about $1500 of other maintenance work) during a major service. 6 months late the brakes failed while driving. Thankfully it did not result in an accident, it wasn’t y til speaking with the new mechanic that he said the brakes were repaired with noN Recommended material and would not have been certified parts. I was without my car for over a week. I have four kids, we missed Easter and the day after they failed I was ment to have been driving with my family a 3hr round trip to kids hospital for a clinic for one of our kids. It’s give. Me anxiety and panic attacks, the thought of driving in the express way and having had them fail in long weekend traffic with my kids in the car...
My husband had the day off to take us in a borrowed car, and will do the same next week as my nerves now driving on highways is high.
Am I entitled to a refund and for them to cover the cost to have it replaced? I have all receipts and the broken hose has been kept.