QLD Mechanic has damaged my car

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    4 February 2019
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    My alternator In my Renault Trafic recently failed, fortunately I was parked 20m away from a mechanic and they were able to help.
    $1200 later with only 3 hrs labour and a random alternator I was back on the road.
    One of my workers was driving the car two days later, and the engine mount bolt had fallen out, however we didn’t know this at that stage.
    We thought it was a faulty fly wheel and he managed to get it back to my house.
    I had another mechanic come over to have a look and said they have removed the engine mount bolt to rock the engine to remove the alternator and have done it up finger right.
    Which has caused the engine to rock back and forth whilst driving and ripped the Airconditioning hose from the condenser and created a major coolant leak.

    Of course the mechanic who replaced he alternator is denying wverything and refuses to help.
    This car has never had anything done to it and every bolt is basically seized.

    Can I take legal action against them or is it his word against the other mechanic who has confirmed it’s there fault?

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