VIC Magistrate court has revoked an IVO without me presenting further and better particulars

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Anthony Murray

Well-Known Member
10 April 2018
Hello members

I have an interim IVO in place, a mentions hearing was conducted recently with a contested hearing due in March 2021. The court advised to provide further and better particulars before this date (from memory 2 weeks before, don't have the paperwork in front of me now).
The ex has gone to the magistrates and somehow convinced them to take leave and revoke the IVO so that they can file a Vexatious Litigant Restraining Order 3.1 - Vexatious litigation restraint orders

How can this be possible when the further and better particulars haven't been presented to court? This person had numerous guns taken away and the family is living in fear.

I want to call the magistrates court and apply to have the IVO re-instated, can I do this? Any advice would be helpful?