WA Legal Aid WA - Am I Eligible?

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21 August 2014
What is the criteria for obtaining legal aid in WA? Is there a cut off point for Legal Aid WA as far as earnings and assets (is it based on your ability to pay for representation) also if the family home is the object in dispute after separation is this still classed as a asset on your ability to pay for legal representation, I only $550 All my wages goes to the upkeep of the household as my spouse does not and has not contributed financially since he vacated the home 4 months ago. I have 2 adult children living in the home 18years and 21years. They are doing apprenticeships and do not really contribute to the household.. These children have never left home, this is the family home. There is no mortgage on the home and both the deeds are in my name.​

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Dianne,

To qualify for Legal Aid in Western Australia, you must satisfy:

- Means test (income and assets);
- Reasonableness test (legal and factual merits of your case, benefit/detriment analysis, competing interests for the funds); and
- WA guidelines.

For the means test, there are thresholds for both income and assets which you must satisfy: further information. These thresholds are a bit outdated (2010), if you still have questions about your eligibility, you should contact your local Legal Aid office.