VIC kmart shoplifting

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8 January 2023
i am a teenage girl and shoplifted from kmart. it was a dare from a friend and i feel really bad about it and will never do it again. i just took about $10 of beauty products into the change rooms, unboxed them, put them in my pockets and left the change room. afterwards, the change room worker found me in the shop, came up with the boxes and asked if i had anything to do with them. i said no and he just walked away, not seeming to care. they probably have me exiting and entering the rooms on video tape as well as the interaction, but as i denied and he walked away they didn’t take my name or details. is there any further action they can take? what are their protocols?

Tim W

LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
28 April 2014
Yes, you are exactly as stupid as you feel.

However, it is your lucky day.
Truth be, the store itself doesn't really want the grief
of calling the cops on a juvenile.
Especially for low value thefts that are within the calculations for expected loss.

My bet is that everything that will happen, has happened.
Nothing else will happen.
Breathe. It's over.

One last thing... These people are not your friends.
You are far, far, better off without the kind of people
who set you up in this, and who would have laughed,
knowing that they were not going to get caught up in it.
Get some new ones.