NSW Keeping product sent to me by accident?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by SamKabamm, 13 October 2018.

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    13 October 2018
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    I recently signed up to a new Telstra iPhone Xs phone plan.

    As Telstra do, they stuffed up the online order and had to do another one over the phone. Obviously they didnt cancel the first order though and I ended up receiving two phones in the mail, but am only paying for one phone bill.

    I believe keeping the phone is still considered a form of theft so I firstly contacted via online chat and was asked to return it in store, I attended my local store but was told they dont accept products like that as the online store is different to the physical store, so then after another online chat and phone chat I was told they were sending me a return postage bag to send it back to them. Im yet to receive that after two weeks.

    At what point is this no longer my responsibility to return? Ive done what I can.

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