SA Issues with Tradesman from Airtasker - Can I Sue?

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15 November 2017
Hired a tradie via airtasker and after that job was complete, I asked if he would be able to do another job. He did up a quote that I thought was too high. I managed to get the price lower before I agreed to anything.

I paid him a $1800 deposit to start work and the next day I had $900 worth of materials delivered to my house. He started work the following day, finished around midday and I haven’t seen him since.

This was a month ago.

I tried calling and messaging him about 50 times, no response.

Finally got a response from his number saying it was his girlfriend. Apparently, his Dad died and he wasn’t in the state. He had accidentally left his business phone at home on charge and she has only just returned home.

I told her I want my money back and she said that she wasn’t sure how much I was expecting to get since the materials are at my house.

Do I have any grounds to sue this guy?