VIC Australian Road Rule Parking Infringement Notice from Moreland City Council

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29 June 2014
Hi. Do I have any claim to challenge an infringement notice from council when the alleged road rule that was breached on the infringement note doesn't match the explanation provided by the Moreland City Council letter, after submitting my appeal? E.g. the infringement note states "RR 208 (01) Not near as practicable to far left side of two way road". However, the letter form the council states that "the vehicle was parked facing in the wrong direction of travel". I kept instructing my daughter to park closer to the curb, however, she received 2 more fines (3 in total) for the same Road Rule as per above, thinking that she had to park closer to the curb, when in fact council officers were fining her for her vehicle being parked in the wrong direction?

winston wolf

Well-Known Member
21 April 2014
I think the original infringement notice is correct, her left wheel was too far from curb.
So if your appeal that she was not to far from the curb and they said she was as she was on the wrong side of the road they are still correct.


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27 May 2014
We could get into the argument that Councils in Victoria have no right to issue any fines at all but that's a larger topic.

Was she facing the wrong way when parked? A parking fine is better than a traffic fine for driving on the wrong side of the road. Police can issue a ticket for driving on wrong side of the road which is a more serious offence. IE to park the way she did she has to drive on the wrong side of road.

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