VIC iPad Accidentally Sent to Me in the Mail

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Cal McCrimmon

13 August 2014
A company (EGL) sent me an iPad in the mail as well as the camera lenses which I purchased from them. The iPad was packaged separately from the camera lenses but it was addressed to me and required a signature on delivery. The company then contacted me to say they were arranging a courier to pick it up from my house but requested that I do not tell the courier that the package I am giving them has a battery in it as the courier will not pick up the package. I am wondering if by lying to DHL the courier company about the battery, is EGL breaking any laws and could I possibly get into any trouble from this?


LawConnect (LawTap) Verified
27 May 2014
Do not lie. What happens if the battery explodes and van catches fire and the courier company comes after you for a false declaration?

Unlikely, but can happen.