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For a name, see Bayer or Beyer or Beyers. For the occupation in the fashion industry, see Buyer (fashion).A buyer is any person who pay to acquire an courier or service in return for some form of business.
When someone acts as a regular buyer of certain assets for commercial purposes, the term "buyer" has a specific meaning as a job function. For example, a "buyer" is a person who purchases finished goods, typically for resale, for a firm, government, or organization; while a person who purchases material used to make goods is sometimes called a purchasing agent. In product management, the buyer is the entity that decides to obtain the product. A buyer's primary responsibility is obtaining goods of acceptable quality at a suitable price. This usually requires research, writing requests for bids, proposals or quotes, and evaluating information received.

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  1. khott94

    NSW What are my rights as a buyer of a Defective Private vehicle?

    Would like to start, with I'm happy to wear the cost of the repairs of my privately bought vehicle I'm just curious if someone has been in this situation and it worked out in there favour. Basically i bought a used vehicle privately in Sydney on FB marketplace, the add noted "genuinely never...
  2. A

    VIC Sold car privately, buyer trying to get money for repairs

    I recently sold a car privately. Buyer sent a letter from a lawyer saying that I mislead him by not disclosing issues the car has when asked. That I removed receipts and service history from car for mobile inspection in order to hide knowledge of issue. He says car needs new transmission and...
  3. Cassidysamuel

    NSW Buyer or seller at fault car ? #car #buyer #seller #whosfault #help

    Hi so on the 1/12/2022 I brought a Volkswagen polo gti year model 2016 from a private seller for $19k. The seller sold me the car, gave a me a car history check from with a PPSR certificate stating that the car was in a good condition , never been written off ect. However...
  4. J

    NSW Sold car privately & have an unhappy buyer

    4 days ago I sold my car to someone who flew down to buy the car without seeing it. After a brief inspection they paid me for the car & we filled out the notice of disposal. Once the buyer got home they noticed that I had listed the car as a 2015 model when it’s a 2014 MY15. This was an honest...
  5. J

    NSW Can a buyer return privately sold car?

    Just sold our cars 3 days ago and now the buyer is asking us to either help pay for the repairs or to accept the return. When the buyer came to inspect it in the evening, he did a brief check, test drove it and said he told us he would come back to buy it. He came back the next morning and...
  6. J

    Buyer requesting Holding Deposit refunded

    Hey, first time here still trying to figure out what to do and where my legal rights are here in this one.. So we are selling our van, we had it listed while we were travelling and then had a buyer confirm, they came saw the van twice, were happy with it and agreed upon an amount $48600 as...
  7. W

    QLD Pet Rehoming

    Purchased and picked up a puppy September 5, @ 8 weeks of age, had regularly visits with him from 6 weeks of age. @12 weeks vaccination, puppy showed aggression towards Vet, Vet proceeded to highlight major concerns around puppies behaviour at a young age, the puppy choosing fight not flight...
  8. B

    WA Who is responsible for the financial loss incurred where a sold item is lost/stolen and the buyer never receives the good/s purchased?

    ⁠Here is the problem: Person A , the seller, offers for sale on social media a luxury item (eg, watch or jewellery) for sale and Person B, the buyer, agrees to the price which includes shipping to his/her place of residence. Money is transferred to the seller and the item is then shipped by the...
  9. tnc

    Gumtree Buyer Demanding Refund for Goods Damaged in Transit

    I hope someone can give some direction with this one. I advertised a motorhome satellite tv setup on Gumtree in Western Australia. A gentleman from QLD contacted me and made me an offer of $1800 plus agreed to pay the shipping of the items via courier from WA to QLD. I spoke to a courier...
  10. E

    Buyer wants refund!

    Hi, I recently sold a ring on gumtree the advertisement I placed had lots of photos and a description, the ring was in beautiful condition. The lady who bought it wanted me to send it to her in a bubble bag and with out the ring box to save costs. While I was at the post office arranging it I...