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    WA Order from Digital World International (DWI) - Parcel Not Received?

    Hello, I ordered a camera from Digital World International. The parcel was delivered by DHL to the owner of the hostel I was living at that moment. I have proof of delivery with his name on it. I asked him for my parcel, at first he claimed he doesn't have it and he didn't pick it up. When I...
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    VIC iPad Accidentally Sent to Me in the Mail

    A company (EGL) sent me an iPad in the mail as well as the camera lenses which I purchased from them. The iPad was packaged separately from the camera lenses but it was addressed to me and required a signature on delivery. The company then contacted me to say they were arranging a courier to...
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    QLD DHL - Quote versus Bill?

    I got a quote from DHL to ship some product from America to me in Townsville. The written quote was for $1,597.07. I have just received a bill from them for close to $3,000 for the job. We called them and told them of the quote and they even have a copy of the written quote but still say we...