NSW ICL Expert Report - File an Affidavit to Magistrate about Concerns?

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17 August 2015
We have just had a single expert report done and the outcome is very far from what I imagined it would be.
I know the ICL shares a different view. Has anyone experienced a case where the ICL has disagreed with the family report?

I'm not sure what's options are now as I am financially strained. I think I can write the expert to clarify certain answers but I would then have to pay for that time.

Would I be able to file an affidavit in response so that at least the Family Law magistrate can see what my areas of concern are?


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23 July 2014
Well, I guess you have to ask yourself what weight such an affidavit will have. What evidence will it contain to contest or support the consultant's views in your favour?

Remember, you will have an opportunity to question the consultant during cross examination at trial. That's generally more effective than writing an affidavit each time there's a disagreement about facts.