QLD How would I know if studying law is for me?

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6 October 2019
Hello! I am currently a Year 11 student in QLD (looking to move to VIC or ACT), and I have been looking at potential career paths and university courses. For the past year, law has been my primary interest, but now I am not so sure. It is such a mentally demanding and high stress career path that I am now not sure if I have the right motivations to study it. I have been looking into international law, since English is my second language and I speak 2 other languages fluently, and constitutional law, but I am honestly not sure if there are emerging or any job prospects in those fields. Moreover, I don't know if I am emotionally cut out for it. What were your experiences going into law at university and getting a job? How were your expectations different from reality?

If it matters, I consistently achieve mid to high A's in all of my subjects with exception of Specialist and Methods Maths, where I achieve high B's and sometimes odd A's. I am consistently involved in public speaking and debating events, as well as Model UN conferences. Any advice or input is appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!