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    NSW How to Get Money Back from SDRO?

    The SDRO just garnished all of the money in my account. However, almost all of $551 they took was actually bond money that was due to be paid to someone else. It was in my savings bank account, waiting to be paid to an outgoing subtenant. Evidence: - The amount in the savings account was the...
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    SA Austudy Payments Cut Back - What to Do?

    Hi I live in South Australia and a while back I started an online diploma with evocca college. I was receiving austudy and hit severe financial hardship. I lost my internet and was unable to study. I kept receiving austudy payments with every intention of resuming my course as soon as I was...
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    VIC HECS Debt Due to Incompetence - What to Do?

    In late 2012, I was unemployed and living in Tasmania. The employment agency that I was assigned to by Centrelink recommended that I undertake further study and explored my strengths. I already have a teaching degree that I obtained in 2010, but could only get the odd casual relief. As I had...