QLD QUT Law (external) - any good?

Discussion in 'Australian Law Students Forum' started by Tejas, 12 March 2018.

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    12 March 2018
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    just looking for some advice really.
    I graduated with an IT degree last year and am looking to continue some part time study. Law has always been something that has interested me immensely to the point where i can see myself making a career of it.

    I graduated from QUT and found the IT degree to be quite good but i'm wondering if the law degree is any good? in particular, the external degree. I'm attracted to QUT for a few reasons:

    • I completed LLB101 as an elective as part of my IT degree so I can get credit for that
    • I can easily get to the main campus if i need to go to the law library
    • They have the ability to switch between external and on campus as my needs change and,
    • I'm familiar with the systems they already use (such as blackboard and the enrolment system
    I'm guaranteed entry into the degree at QUT (the non-graduate stream and will be extremely competitive to get a spot in the graduate entry course)

    The other option i'm looking at is USQ's online law degree, which i am 100% guaranteed entry into.
    Griffith is not really an option as they don't offer an external or part time option.

    I'm also open to other suggestions but i'm not keen on interstate universities (especially if it means i need to travel interstate to go to campus for exams or workshops)

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